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My name is Xenia Gordeeva

I have a vast knowledge in many topics of holistic healing methods as well as anything about the Divine Feminine and Masculine. I strongly believe that every Human Being possesses seeds of self-growth, self-improvement and capacity of being a better version of Your True Self. By my devotion to service  to the others I  share  my ideas about the law of the Universe, continuous connection and interchange with flora, fauna, all Elements and ability to work with them, integrating them into our Divine Being with love and respect.

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      Xenia is one of the Conscious Leaders of Pachamama Sacred Temple, Sacred Heart Valley.  We had been working closely together when she felt into resonance with us and  became part of our community. 
       I am very grateful to have Xenia on-board in Sacred Heart Valley.  Her dedication, enthusiasm  and devotion to her path and her work is witnessed by many of us and community members.

       Xenia and I also collaborated a GOTC First Program "The Wheel of Nature Elements" and we continue to inspire each other. From the collaboration, I witnessed her transformation to Simple, Easy and Smooth (SES) way of working.  She started to inbody a lot of Feminine Energy and infuse to her program and also being.  She radiates her LoveLight through her Heart and starting to attract her clients with ease.

      She is also closing the loop (action = masculinity) in SES way in order to feel safe in her body and create safe space for all and her community members.

       Xenia contacted me and joined GOTC in September 2022. From the time we started working together, I knew Xenia was meant to stay where she is now. Her search for places to fulfil her soul mission and life purpose stopped when an ancient lady, La Abuela (The Grandmother, who is Xenia’s other self in other lifetime), told her of her mission in Mexico that was to be resumed and completed.

     Of course, Xenia has had many lifetimes as an Elder on Earth and owns many gifts and abilities concerning humans, animals, nature and the Earth. Women suppression and oppression have been heavy to many women here on Earth. Therefore, it is crucial that we heal this part of the wound. And this is where Xenia comes in. She is passionate about educating both male and female in the science and development of a female’s body where she studied in Andromeda Constellation, Hadar or Beta Centauri and one of the star systems in Pleiades.

      Xenia, like other GOTC Initiates, is one of the high level warriors in many star systems, planets and dimensions as well as on Earth. She is our Arcturian scientist of advanced technologies, not only as a medical engineer but also a designer and an architect of pyramids in many planets and civilizations. Xenia’s pure love in our beautiful Mother Earth and Earth’s inhabitants has also to do with her being a Seraphim Angel. Her knowledge of plants and natural remedies originated from a couple of planets in Lyra Constellation, Andromeda Constellation, Sirius C and Pleiades. Crystals and gems are also part of the healing modalities she provides for her clients infused by the codes through her beautiful angelic voice.

      Working with Xenia is a joy. She is passionate about her work and in everything she does. If you feel called to get to know Xenia,  I assure you of a complete satisfaction with her loving dedication and commitment to assist you in your own growth and soul evolution.

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