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Meet Me!

Let me tell you a little about myself...

My given name is Xenia and I was born in Western Siberia, Russia. I finished school and university there and got an education as a language teacher. Still being a student I have already started working with kids, teens and adults not only as a language teacher, but also developing different projects on making our life better, deeper and more cultural. When I turned twenty-three I realized that living in a small town is not enough for me, and, as I used to travel a lot since I was a baby, I have made a decision to move to Saint Petersburg, northern capital of Russia, where I spent about 8 years.

As a child, a teenager and in my twenties I was boyish, a very emancipated human being, a rebel (well, I am still one)… and I didn’t accept my DIVINE feminine. So, as you can guess, I had a lot of issues being a woman; one of them was unstable, painful and absolutely unwelcome period. Such topics as sexuality, menstruation, feminine were not taboos in my family but we just didn’t talk about it. My mother was ashamed, didn’t possess lots of information and avoided deeper talks but hygiene. As a result, for almost 15 years I experienced a range of diseases connected with my feminine organs and period. I was put on hormonal treatment and birth control twice, which was awful and harmful; my cycle was never steady, I was in pain, I had lots of cravings and my emotional state wasn’t stable as well. Eventually, at the age of twenty-eight, in 2011, I was told that I have a “progressive” and “aggressive” myoma and there was a chance not to be able to have children at all. THAT was a turning point – the first sign! To tell you the truth I used to be a child-free thinker, but I was never fine with the idea to have some well-being disorders. So, I started working on my physical, emotional and mental health, and my attitude to being a Woman, The Divine Feminine.

A lot has changed since my spiritual awakening in 2011, when I first came to yoga and meditation practice. I have always been a seeker, longing to see and find the sense of life, existence, being…and being the best version of myself! So I have started to dig deeper: I have learned energy healing, body therapy, breathing techniques, worked with power plants for several years, deeply communicated and assisted as a translator to an amazing healer and shaman, traditional and alternative doctor all-in-one and learned a lot from this experience as well, he has taught me plenty about plants, herbs and Chinese Medicine.

Still, I felt it was not enough and I left everything behind and went to India and Nepal to continue my search. It was a very heartfelt and fulfilling journey that lasted for two years. There I met my partner and had an important turn of events, that slowly brought me to what I am doing and offering now to people, who also want to change their life for better!

Soon after I met my partner in 2014, we got pregnant, that was a huge event for both of us! To be frank, I was shocked, scared to ‘death’, taken by surprise but at the same time I realized that I was healed. So, after my beautiful experience of a conscious pregnancy and natural absolutely painless birth giving, I finally understood that I embraced my Divine Feminine and I have to continue this Goddess Journey. And the following natural steps of my self-development were Menstrual Awareness, Fertility Awareness, Women Wellness and Balance within Sacred Feminine and Masculine. And after some years of investigation and personal experience, putting everything into practice I have recollected quite an important and valuable information to share with my sisters and brothers as well. Yes, I include men in women’s process, we all matter, we all have feminine and masculine energies inside and we all have right to know and grow together!

As an additional gift I have met some extraordinary and beautiful masters on my way, that I can’t be grateful more to life and opportunities I am given… So now, I am one of the Guardians of the Codes Initiates under the protection of Jenn George; a Conscious Leader in Sacred Heart Valley created and mentored by Lilian Hii. I run series of workshops on Menstrual Awareness for both - women and men, I work with plants as a herbalist, create and make by my own hands natural cosmetics and remedies, design and create encoded jewellery with natural gems. I support women in conscious bleeding, womb wellness, pregnancy, post-partum and breastfeeding by sharing my personal experience and deep understanding of the processes. I also assist men to understand deeper and learn to read our feelings, emotions and behavior in order to live a happier life together in love, compassion and kindness. And I constantly continue developing myself and creating different offerings to the people who feel aligned with me and my work.

I believe that every Human Being possesses seeds of self-growth, self-improvement and capacity of being a better version of themselves. That is why when we are looking for awakening we dive deep into our subconsciousness in order to move forward to our True Self, our Highest Self.

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Wowww, qué persona más interesante eres Xsenia, gracias por estar!

Xenia Gordeeva
Xenia Gordeeva
May 16, 2023
Replying to

Muchas gracias, Rocio! Es un gran gusto de conocerte a ti y igualmente, gracias por Estar!

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