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Honouring Mother Earth

On March 5th and 6th my family and I went to celebrate and participate in one of my most beloved events, that is annually hold in Amealco, Queretaro state in Mexico. Amealco is Pueblo Magico (magical town) and it is specially known for its red dunes, water grounds, and forest landscapes. Amealco keeps many traditions and a great cultural wealth that manifests itself in all its corners. It has a mystical beauty that transmits serenity and comfort to all its habitants and visitors. In short, I LOVE this place!

The Fair of Maiz is an amazing event, that is mostly dedicated to Corn and you can find there lots of colours of this crop, even some unusual ones; all possible products made from corn, like tortillas, tamales, huaraches, tlacollos, atoles, etc.; exchange seeds and sowing experience. As you might know, corn is the most important crop for Mexicans and they call themselves Los Hijos de Maiz (the children of Corn). So, the Fair won’t be complete without a huge Fiesta! Two days farmers from nearby lands were celebrating, dancing, singing, drinking traditional Pulke and laughing. Pulke is also one of the prides from these lands; it is a drink that they get from enormous leaves of Maguey (cactus), which has a lot of benefits for everybody’s health if you don’t drink it in excess and, apart from that, it fills you with joy and tipsy pleasure.

This fair in general is the space to meet and share regional varieties of corn and other native seeds of the cornfield; to discuss the issues of the field; to preserve local identity and culture; to dialogue, dance and learn; and to continue weaving nets. One more very important thing about this event is that it gives space to honour our gorgeous and fertile Mother Earth, Pachamama, and teach future generations to treat Her with respect and care. There were given numerous workshops to children about how to live in harmony with nature, animals and insects; how to work in the field, artistry workshops on pottery and a lot more. Lots of artists and performers from different parts of Mexico showed up to share their creations, handicrafts and shows. You could try traditional food and drinks, listen to the conversations between specialist producers, which over the years have made contributions of great relevance for the Great Mother Earth and its natural richness!

I am very happy to share with you a little bit of essence of this exquisite celebration and wish you great times with your families and remind you to stay close to the nature and honour Gaia, our Primal Mother…

Sending you lots of love from the depth of my heart!

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