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Sacred Womb Temple




28 days
1:1 session


About the Course

There are lots of benefits to be connected to your Womb and keepeing Your Yoni healthy and happy. Some of them are:

  • You will embody deeper levels of self love

  • You will engage a deeper relationship with your Divine Feminine

  • It is a magnificent way to a healthier emotional body

  • Your cycle will become lighter and more pleasant

  • As a result healthier and happier you

  • You can give more from your Wholeness

How are we going to gain Yoni Blossoming?

  • Womb and Yoni breathing guided meditations

  • Yoni gaze

  • Yoni steam

  • Yoni egg practice


Respected by healers around the globe, yoni steaming is an opportunity to reconnect with your body and utilize the wisdom of plant medicine to promote healing of your cycle and your womb space. A yoni steam gently and effectively cleanses, tones and revitalizes your womb, providing you with wide ranging benefits for reproductive health — from reduced menstrual cramps, increased fertility, to heightened pleasure during intimacy. The benefits of Yoni Steaming are endless and it is an absolutely pleasurable procedure.  


As a natural continuation we will get down to different natural gem Eggs where I will gently hold your space and guide you with a step by step instructions how to interact with your Yoni egg. You will benefit a lot from this practice!!!  Yoni Egg helps you to recover from childbirth faster, balance your hormones, increase blood circulation, improve vaginal elasticity and many many more.


Also we are going to support the practice by journalling where you will receive daily tasks and  ideas to write about, that will assist you in understanding your process deeper, connecting with your Divine Feminine, learn to embrace yourself as A True Essence.

Your Instructor

Xenia Gordeeva

Hi, there ! My name is Xenia and I am here to invite you to have a beautiful journey into your Sacred Womb Temple. I have a vast knowledge in many holistic methods and one of them is Womb and Yoni healing. I will support you in this journey by sharing meditations, breathing techniques, herbal and flour essences and guidance with Steaming and Yoni Egg practice! During 28 days I will gently hold your hand and space!

Xenia Gordeeva
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