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Menstrual Awareness


$ 99


7 weeks
1 workshop
1:1 session


About the Course

I came to Menstrual Awareness after my unexpected but well received and totally conscious pregnancy, absolutely painless natural home birth giving and profound shift in my Divine Feminine Self. So, if you feel attracted and aligned with me and want to get the experience I am going to share, I invite you to learn to welcome, enjoy, love and cherish your MOON.

This course is divided in 7 workshops where I tell about my experience in details and then share the knowledge and experience I have been collectiong for years. During these weeks you will know:

  • why is it so important to raise menstrual awareness;

  • all 4 seasons/ phases of your sycle and how to synchronize with your period;

  • how you can support yourself during menstruation, shift to sustainable approach and honor your cycle with Mother Earth;

  • menstrual wellness, that includes herbalism, accupuncture and other natural rememdies;

  • vaginal care and taking deep care of your Temple;

  • and a lot lot more, including crafts and even Menstrual Awareness for men.

Your Instructor

Xenia Gordeeva

Hi, there ! My name is Xenia and I am here to invite you to have a beautiful journey into your menstrual cycle awareness. I have a vast knowledge in many holistic methods and one of them is conscious bleeding support for women and men. Yes! We include males in our Sacred process, all matter!!! I also create healing jewelry for women who have menstrual cycle disorders, who are pregnant or want to be, who breastfeed, etc. I practice acupuncture, EFT and create hand-made natural cosmetics and remedies.

Xenia Gordeeva
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