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Divine Fertility for Both


$ 555
$ 111
$ 99


6 modules
1 module
1:1 session


About the Course

As a natural continuation to my Menstrual Awareness course I have designed another program offering on Fertility Awareness: DIVINE FERTILITY. This program is created for single man and women and couples who plan to build a family in future.

This program consists of 6 modules, where you will learn:

  • about masculine and feminine energies and how to balance and embody both within yourself;

  • understand hormonal cycles of men and women;

  • heal your child’s traumas;

  • learn how to invite the soul of your future child;

  • see what Fertility Awareness is…. and a lot more.

I also provide guided meditations, quantum healing and 1:1 sessions on request.

Let the light of love and abundance shine on all of us!!!

Your Instructor

Xenia Gordeeva

Hello there, my name is Xenia! I run series of workshops on Menstrual Awareness for both - women and men (yes! You read it well, we include men in our process. Men matter!) I work with plants as a herbalist, create and make natural cosmetics and remedies, also design and create encoded jewellery with natural gems. I support women in conscious bleeding, pregnancy, post-partum and breastfeeding by sharing my personal experience and deep understanding of the processes. I also assist men to understand deeper and learn to read our feelings, emotions and behavior in order to live a happier life together in love, compassion and kindness.

Xenia Gordeeva
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